GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma +  Blockchain (e-learning)
GCMS Advanced Diploma and Blockchain  €147

*The GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma is open to those who have the GCMS Basic Diploma

or hands-on trading experience (if unsure please contact us)

  • Noticeably increase your chances of securing a job or internship (we can prove it)

  • We have a long list of students placed at Saxo Bank, Citi, Nordea, HSBC, etc.

  • You will learn step by step to improve your trading and understanding of options, commodities, Commodity CFDs, and cryptocurrencies

  • Options (buy/sell, delta hedging), Commodities, Cryptocurrencies lessons all have hands-on videos so that you see exactly how to apply the concepts taught

  • Advanced technical analysis specifically for options (exclusive to our platform)

  • Our course has been expanded, it now includes the complete blockchain & cryptocurrency modules from the executive blockchain course. You get it all at no extra cost! 

  • Digital GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma (upon completion)

  • Access to an award winning multi-asset trading platform for hands-on experience

  • Unlimited access to our private online group

  • Improve your business English, the course is taught entirely in English


The course uses a combination of videos, slides, along with access to a multi-asset trading platform. We believe in affordable practical capital markets education. Many people agree with us and we have the testimonials of satisfied students to prove it.


Things you will learn & will be able to do

  • You will be prepared to work at a trading desk

  • You will acquire the skills to trade & understand options

  • Options Trading strategies (risk reversals, hedging spot, covered calls, etc.)

  • Delta Hedging

  • Options Pricing: When is best to sell/buy them

  • Exotic options

  • Better understanding of commodities

  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its practical applications

  • The correct way to invest in cryptocurrencies

  • Have an expanded understanding of the capital markets

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma course really improve my chances of getting a job or improve my personal trading?

YES! The GCMS Diploma was designed to do just that and since 2008 countless students have shared news of their successes with us.


How does the GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma compare to other trading courses?

Our course is not like any other trading course. The GCMS Advanced Trading Diploma is the most comprehensive course available in its category.


How long do I have access to the course?

How does 90 days access sound? If you need more contact us.

I have more questions, how can I reach you?

We pride ourselves on being available to students and future students. If you have more questions regarding the course please email us directly at info@gcmsonline.info