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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What study options do you offer? 

Courses are delivered at in-person classes & e-learning.

Q. Does GCMS have a proven track record?

Our trading diploma classes are taught at top schools in EU/Scandinavia, Asia, and the Caribbean. We place live trades in the classroom. We are among the select few of educators to actively walk the talk by trading. Our proudest achievement has been the results of our students, who have landed jobs at top banks or have increased their trading profitability. We have the testimonials to prove it.


Q. Must one be a student of CBS, AAU, JIBS, NAU, BI, DTU, AU, KU to attend?


No, classes are open to the public. Previous classes have had attendees from Saxo Bank, HSBC, Coloplast, Capgemini, Danish Foreign Ministry, Microsoft, etc.


Q. If I do not want a diploma, can I still do the course?


Yes, GCMS recognises that while you are looking for quality education, you may not want a diploma, therefore the exam is optional.


Q. Are there any prerequisites to enroll in the courses?


It is preferable that students enrolling in our programs, have basic proficiency in mathematics, English, as well as basic computer skills.

Q. Is there support afterwards?

This is a major problem for people learning to trade. GCMS assist people who have attended educational courses not offering support. In fact, many of our clients have been elsewhere, only to come to us asking for help. We will assist you with online coaching to help you achieve your goals.

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