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                                                     GCMS Advanced Finance Professional Program

The GCMS Advanced Finance Professional Program includes our four courses: The GCMS Trading + Advanced Trading Diplomas, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technology. You will be awarded the GCMS Trading Diploma and Advanced Trading Diplomas at completion. Get the best of all worlds: Forex, Stocks, Options, Cryptocurrencies, CFD’s to elevate your knowledge and career opportunities. We have a documented reputation, since 2008, of teaching new investors and traders across the globe. We have earned the trust of students and employers.

This is the most comprehensive capital & crypto markets program available anywhere. Most programs only offer one or the other, with GCMS there is no need to choose, get it all ! As always, with GCMS, you get a great value for an investment in your future!


  • Our diploma holders have a proven career advantage

  • Completion certificate for your resumé & LinkedIn

  • Be among the first qualified to provide crypto financial advisory. Why? The interest and need for crypto advisory services has exploded over the years. You will be better qualified than most because you will learn more than just cryptocurrencies but also to understand the underlying blockchain technology.

  • Private access to trading & investing mentorship

  • GCMS Finance Career Preparation 360°

  • Join our global community of 1,000’s of students


Target group: The GCMS Advanced Finance Professional Program is developed for ANYONE who wants to expand their knowledge of the capital markets, but especially, Finance Professionals, Finance Students, Educators, Investors.

Required study materials and learning resources: All resources you need for the GCMS Advanced Finance Professional Program are online:

  • A mix of videos and supporting slides, along with links to supplemental content.

  • Insider reports.

  • Access to trader platforms

Duration: You can start whenever you want and you will have access to the course for life.


Certification: When you have passed the final assignment, you will receive the diplomas.

Things you will learn and will be able to do

  • You will be prepared to work at a trading desk

  • You will acquire the skills to trade confidently

  • Have an expanded understanding of the capital markets

  • Learn to trade stocks, forex & CFDs

  • The correct way to invest in cryptocurrencies

  • You will acquire the skills to trade & understand options

  • Options Trading strategies (risk reversals, hedging spot, etc.)

  • Options Delta Hedging

  • Options Pricing: When is best to sell/buy them

  • Exotic options

  • Better understanding of commodities

  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its practical applications

  • Advanced Practical Technical Analysis that is effective & easy

  • Understand the calculations behind your trades

  • Learn solutions to the 5 major causes of losses for traders

  • Effective risk management to protect your capital

  • Learn to create a second income from anywhere in the world

  • Bitcoin Addresses and Keys

  • Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger

  • Buying and Selling Bitcoin

  • Wallets and Key Management

  • Passphrase-Encrypted Wallets

  • Basic Cryptography

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GCMS Advanced Finance Professional Program                  $199

To lock in your discount pay at the button below. You will get both diplomas. The links above are previews of the content.
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