GCMS Blockchain for Executives

Blockchain for Executives is a premium certificate program designed for non-technical audiences seeking to understand blockchain technology and it's business applications. This is an intensive beginner exploration into blockchain and blockchain-related technologies applicable to individuals without a blockchain background. This course will give you the ability to understand the impact of blockchain to your career or industry and intelligently understand the potential opportunities.


Blockchain has been described as one of the most disruptive technologies to ever impact business. The technology is impacting industries across the globe: financials, banking, marketing, education, logistics, legal, and many more. Given the impact, a large number of executives and leaders are looking for ways to understand blockchain that can help them identify opportunities.

Who is the course for?

  • This course is specifically for business/finance executives, marketing professional, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs

  • Any professional who wishes to be blockchain savvy and strengthen their technical understanding, but want to avoid excessive technical jargon and unnecessary hype

Why this GCMS course and what is unique about it?

  • You will get the case for Blockchain and the great potential that it is has but also its limitations. We are not a blockchain industry group therefore we have the freedom to "tell it as it is"

  • It also includes our cryptocurrency modules and when combined with the updated blockchain content, ensures that you have the most complete executive blockchain education available. No other blockchain course has our unique combination.

  • Our focus on practicality delivers deep insights and knowledge along with features not offered anywhere else

  • We have earned the trust of students, others have only just raced onto the market. GCMS since 2008 has become known for teaching across the globe. Join our community of students in Europe, Asia, North & South America, Middle East and Africa. Once you complete the course, GCMS remains in the background available for advisory services.


  • GCMS Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the course validating your skills and knowledge of blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets. No course on the market has our level of industry recognition.

GCMS Executive Blockchain $169 +vat (if applicable)

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   Partial List of Topics Covered:

  • Blockchain actual capabilities vs. hype

  • The different types of blockchain and their applications

  • Examples of real-world application success and failure

  • Tokens comparison

  • The blockchain cryptocurrency connection

  • Understanding cryptography, hashing, public/private key

  • Distributed computing concepts, peer-to-peer network

  • Consensus algorithms: Proof of Work, Proof of Stake

  • Smart Contracts: What they are, are they really "smart", what happens when things go wrong

  • ERC 20 and token strategies

  • Upcoming technologies: Casper, sharding, Ethereum Vyper

  • Use cases: Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Real Estate and much more

  • The  structure of an ICO and the next generation( what may replace ICOs)




Wayne Walker is one of the few in Northern Europe designated as a Blockchain Expert. Wayne currently consults with the Nordic Blockchain Association in addition to heading up GCMS which is the leading crypto and capital markets training organization in Scandinavia. He designed and taught the first cryptocurrency course in Northern Europe. In addition to consulting, he is a journalist at CryptoCoin.News and Irish Tech Times where writes about the blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency  worlds. He resides in Europe and the United States which allows him to provide the most updated content for the course and his readers.