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I was at one of your trading courses and it was actually very helpful at my new job as quant developer at Royal Bank of Scotland. I actually understand their products and trading systems.

F. Fernandes, Quantitative Developer at RBS Global Banking & Markets

Hi Wayne! I wanted to reach out to you and report some of the success in trading I have made in the past months. In late February I started trading my own money after being able to put some aside and I am currently up 440%! I have mainly traded the major currency pairs and oil using the techniques you teach in the basic and advanced trading courses. So thank you for doing such a great job teaching us students these techniques, they clearly work.

M. Reilimo

Can only recommend this course - trading skills got me to the Nordic trading competition. Currently trading on a daily basis due to my introduction to trading from this course with Wayne Walker. Took the course 10 years ago.

P. Hegermann


Yet again we would like to thank you for taking time and having a course here in Gothenburg earlier this month!we are glad to say that because of our attendance and new developed knowledge, one of our teammates was able to get himself a job as a Forex broker here in Gothenburg.

C. Ericstam, University of Gothenburg


Thanks a lot for the course, definitely one of the better investments I have made in my life!

D. Li, Stockholm School of Economics 


Just want to say that you guys did a fantastic job with the trading course. I had always been interested in trading, but was unsure of where to start. But your course was the perfect solution, with very practical applications, which I had learned and benefited tremendously from. I enjoyed myself thoroughly over the  days. Great job guys! 

L. Law, National University of Singapore, GCMS Diploma Graduate 


This is one of the "Wow, finally the real deal!" kind of seminars and definitely the best I had on trading. I found it so interesting that I have taken the initiative to recommend it further in Copenhagen Business School for my master of CEMS and YES!, now it has been approved as a CEMS Skill Seminar! Practical in every aspect, it was very useful for me. It has given me knowledge I will use and return to years from now. A special thank you to the teachers who are making it so dynamic and interactive. Wayne is adding energy to the course with his enthusiastic, reality-inspired teaching and examples.

C.Ciocan, CEMS student - GCMS Diploma Graduate 


It was a pleasure to attend the classes and the trading competition. I have found the course very well organized. You guys make it easy to put the theory into practice. I am sure that is going to be very helpful for my trading career, thanks for sharing all this good information. I will definitely recommend this diploma course or coaching to anyone interested in trading.

J.Garcia, Active Trader, Summer Trading Immersion Graduate



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