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The week in Crypto - with Wayne®

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In The Week in Crypto - with Wayne®, investment author Wayne Walker shares his weekly views on the crypto market. He offers proven and profitable methods that he has taught to investors globally. He gives you what you need to know to have an advantage when investing or trading. Wayne can help anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coins regardless of prior experience.


Why the newsletter? There are many newsletters, why this one?

The newsletter universe needed a change. Wayne and the team decided to skip a generation and go from newsletter 1.0 to 3.0. It is time to reinvent the newsletter concept by adding features not normally available. The key feature is active interaction with members. Members will have the ability to send in questions, which is a change from the normal one way newsletter communication. In The Week in Crypto you will also have the possibility of live streamed Q&A's.


1- Our newsletter solves problem number one for most crypto investors, it saves you time, he filters out the "noise" and gives you what you need to know for your crypto portfolio. There was also a clear need for a newsletter that delivers crypto news that everyday people can understand. We also use trading jargon, BUT, there is always an explanation along with it. For those that have read his books knows that Wayne is all about getting to the point.

2- Besides the news that can be found around the internet, a lot of the real market is on network connections. You will have access to some of that information network that Wayne has built over decades in the industry.


3- The ability to ask questions. Wayne and the team go the extra step and are available for questions. That is the reason why we only have a limited number of memberships. No robots, Ai, just real people without hype, and of course affordable. This is your crypto solution!

​Remind me again of what I get:

  • Weekly crypto market overview with carefully selected newsbites

  • A trade of the week

  • The ability  to ask questions

  • Live stream Q&A's sessions based on members demand

  • At least one wildcard trade

  • Special single topic online workshops (free)

  • Learn trading techniques

  • Advanced risk management

  • No tricks, no start up fees, or "auto renewals"

Who is Wayne?

Wayne, Director of GCMS, is known for the success that his students and readers of his books have. He is a trader trainer, coach, and entrepreneur in demand. This demand has led to trader training & speaking engagements in the United States, China, Jamaica, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, etc.

He has held several positions in investment banking including: Regional Manager for teams of Investment Advisors servicing North America & Middle East Regions (based in Denmark and London), Training Consultant to financial institutions. He also headed the Trader Training program at a leading investment bank. He was also a guest columnist to several financial magazines, for example and in Spanish at Estrategias de Inversión.


How do I sign up ?

​You can do it here:







I have more questions, how can I reach you?

We pride ourselves on being available to members and future members. If you have more questions regarding the newsletter please email us directly at



Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and earning potential with cryptocurrencies.

Payment? See below


         The week in Crypto

  Students, GCMS Alumni, readers                   1 month   $5.99

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The week in Crypto

1 month $7.99

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The week in Crypto

 3 months  $15.99

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