GCMS Diploma (e-Learning), gets you the interview & hands-on experience!

"I was at one of your trading courses and it was actually very helpful at my new job as quant developer at Royal Bank of Scotland. I actually understand their products and trading systems."

F. Fernandes, Quantitative Developer at RBS Global Banking & Markets

  • Noticeably increase your chances of securing a job or internship(we can prove it)

  • Improve your trading and understanding of the capital markets, forex, cryptocurrencies, stock derivatives

  • Our popular course has been updated and expanded. It now includes the cryptocurrency modules from our crypto course. You get two courses in one



  • This is the most comprehensive capital markets and full cryptocurrency course available

  • Begin your capital markets education with the GCMS e-Learning program

  • Since 2008 we have taught private traders and students at top universities in Europe, Asia, USA, and the Caribbean

  • In the past, some students had to fly to attend our often sold out classes in Europe. Now you can learn from anywhere

  • Recently, our course has attracted attention from cryptocurrency enthusiasts to gain an advantage when trading 

The course uses a combination of interactive exercises, videos, slides, along with access to a multi-asset trading platform. We believe in affordable practical capital markets education. Many people agree with us and we have the testimonials of satisfied students to prove it.

More professionals show participation in the GCMS Diploma programs on their LinkedIn profiles than any trading program in the region. GCMS maintains all student records and employers routinely contact us to verify a candidate's completion and results.

Key Benefits

  • Get the region's #1 hands-on trading diploma. We have a long list of students placed at Saxo Bank, Citi, Nordea, HSBC, etc.

  • Learn to trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFD's, stocks

  • Learn how to dominate finance interview questions

  • Unlimited access to our private online group

  • Digital diploma (upon completion)

  • A free copy of our popular Reality Based Trading e-guide

  • Access to an award winning multi-asset trading platform for hands-on experience

  • Improve your business English, the course is taught entirely in English

  • Learn at your own pace    

Things you will learn and will be able to do

  • You will acquire the skills to trade Forex confidently 

  • Learn to trade stocks & CFDs and profit in an up or down market

  • Learn to trade Cryptocurrencies

  • Bonus chapter on blockchains to give you an extra edge in the job market

  • Improved trading techniques to increase your earnings 

  • Practical Technical Analysis that is effective & easy 

  • Learn our exclusive filtering system to find high probability trades 

  • Learn solutions to the 5 major causes of losses for traders



GCMS Diploma $159.00 +vat(if applicable)